As a 20-something year old woman I have found myself at a time of in-between-ness; no longer at the age of 20 where experimentation, light-heartedness and slip-ups are celebrated and encouraged, but not yet at the age of 30 where responsibility and steadiness is not simply expected, but also necessary. As such, I have found myself grappling with my place in the world, my sense of self, connectedness to my body, and my relationship with feminism as a young, female artist. In this investigation I chose to revisit moments in my childhood that exude a strong, innate sense of self, confidence, female-ness, and empowerment through re-enactment as a vehicle to reinvigorate my own sense of empowerment as a young woman. A memory that remains clear is a time when I was three or four years old and would, unclothed, climb upon a turned up chair and as I would make my way to the top I would throw my arms up in glee and profess to the world around me, “I’m the girl with the body!”